Consorzio Formasud
Potenza, Italia č l'organizzazione coordinatrice nell'ambito del progetto.

Italy (IT) is an official learning institution of Api Basilicata (Association of SME) in Potenza. Consorzio Formasud is the local institution of Confapi Nazionale (Italian Confederation of SME). Even if it is just at the beginning of its activity as learning institution, Consorzio Formasud is totally involved, through Confapi of Potenza, in the structure and committee responsible for life long learning policy connected the the Confapi's world.

Spagna, Fondazione per la Formazione ed il Lavoro č una organizzazione no-profit promossa dalle, Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO.), un'unione di lavoratori con rappresentanti di tutti i settori produttivi dell'economia spagnola.

Spain (ES) The Training and Employment Foundation) is a non profit-making foundation, promoted by the Trade Union Confederation, Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO.), a workers union with representatives in all the productive sectors of Spain's economy. The main axis around which FOREM articulates its activities is in the training area, carrying out training activities for:
- Unemployed people looking for their first job, or those who have lost the one they had, and/or long-term unemployed people. (Job Training/Career Guidance).
- Male and female workers who need to acquire new skills in order to adapt to changes on the work market and/or who need to improve their job qualifications (Continuous Training).
FOREM has a confederate structure. Nowadays FOREM has 18 territorial organisations (CEPROM in Catalonia) and branches almost in all Spanish regions. For this reason Forem will have a key role in the dissemination activity.

OIC Poland (only in phase 1)
Polonia, č un'organizzazione che agisce per il progresso economico e sociale del Sud-Est della Polonia. Appartiene ad un gruppo di enti di formazione di Lublino. I suoi obiettivi principali sono la prevenzione della disoccupazione e lo sviluppo economico attraverso programmi formativi.

Poland (PL) The Polish Foundation of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers, a NGO, from 1991 acting for economic and social progress in the south-eastern Poland, belongs to the leading group of training organisations at the Lublin region market. Its main aim - prevention of unemployment and fostering economic development by implementation of the educational and counselling programmes has been attained through two basic streams:
- unique enterprises (courses, seminars, conferences, counselling, complex projects) addressed to SME owners, professionals, certain underprivileged groups in the community, aiming at creation of employment and self-employment opportunities, dissemination of knowledge and good practices and human resources development.
- educational services - commercial offers of training services both for individuals interested in acquiring new skills or qualifications (Centre of Managerial Education) and companies and institutions ordering tailored training for their employees.
The main areas of the Foundation activity:
- Training and guidance for the unemployed, job-seekers and start-ups
- Projects management (promoting business entrepreneurship, supporting social initiatives)
- Upgrading professional qualifications - conducting post-graduate studies
- In-company training and counselling services for enterprises
- Job-broking services
- Acting for the benefit of the European integration and international collaboration.
As a part of its activity the Foundation established and developed:
- High School of Economics and Innovation (WSEI) (educates students in 3- and 3,5 -year Bachelor's and Engineer's studies (regular and extramural vocational studies)
- Centre of Managerial Education ( postgraduate studies)
- Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre in Lublin
- Women's Centre in Lublin
- The Enterprise Support Centre
- Local government trainings
- Foreign Languages Center
- Computer Skills Center
This organisation will contribute to the development of content and to the dissemination activies.

Slovacchia, č un'associazione no-profit per la promozione delle tecnologie in Slovacchia. Č coinvolta nella realizzazione di progetti di formazione realizzati in cooperazione con le universitā. Essa si occupa anche di attivitā di pubblicazione di ricerche, realizzazione di seminari e conferenze.

Association for the Promotion of the Technology Transfer, Slovakia (SK), is non-profit non-governmental organization. ASTRA is continuing education courses providing institution, in co-operation with universities and professional bodies. ASTRA provides the activities in the area of education, consultation, publication and research, realization of the workshops, seminars, and conferences. The Association for the Promotion of the Technology Transfer has been partner in several educational and research project (e.g. TEMPUS PHARE, Leonardo da Vinci).

Romania, č stata istituita nel 1997 come organizzazione non governativa per promuovere il business delle piccole e medie imprese artigianali della Romania e per sostenerle nel miglioramento delle loro perfomance sul mercato. La fondazione č membro del World Crafts Council International and World Crafts Council in Europe. CFR offre, inoltre, servizi di formazione, informatica e ricerca.

Romania (RO), was established in April 1997 as a non-governmental organisation to promote Romanian small and medium-sized craft businesses and to help them to improve performance. Guided by a board of seven founders who are all specialists in their own craft-related fields, the Foundation is based in Bucharest, Romania. Since July 2001 Craft Foundation Romania is member of World Crafts Council International and World Crafts Council Europe .CFR offers training and consultancy services (improving design, management and marketing capabilities of crafts enterprises), information services (supply of contact and visual information to and about crafts enterprises from a database of national and international contacts), resource centre (providing crafts enterprises with access to information and publications, which assist their development), promotion (focusing attention on the Romanian crafts sector through promotion in national and international events and media), project development and management (development of projects, which directly benefit small to medium-sized crafts enterprises) and advocacy (co-operation in networks with national and international governmental and non-governmental bodies, which address issues and determine policies related to crafts). Implemented projects: InfoCrafts - grant from Department for International Development (DFID), 2000, pilot project - Crafts Development Project -- for institutional development and the provision of design, technical, marketing and management consultancy to six small textile crafts business in North-West Romania; HIDDEN ART Open Studio, November, 2003, London, Funder: The Ratiu Family Charitable Foundation, Partners: Crafts Foundation Romania, Mazorca Projects Ltd.; Crafts Culture Without Borders 2002 - 2003 - Funder: UNESCO, ongoing project: AdultCraftEducation - lead applicant, financed by the EU Commission under Socrates Grundtvig1 Action Programme - survey on adult education.

NET-MEX Innovation and Training Ltd
Ungheria, si occupa dello sviluppo di materiali e metodologie per la formazione e l'organizzazione di corsi di per le PMI , soprattutto relativamente al management. Vanta una vasta esperienza nell'organizzazione e nel coordinamento di progetti nazionali ed europei e relativi alla sperimentazione di metodi e-learning e blended learning.

Hungary (HU): Its core activities include the management of innovation processes, the development of training materials and methodologies, and the organisation of training courses based thereon, primarily for SMEs. In the development of training materials, we rely heavily on EU and national R&D results. The activities of NET-MEX Ltd. can be characterised by a creative and multidisciplinary approach. Therefore our staff includes engineers, patent attorney, quality management experts, teachers and economists. Our experts have taken part in the development of the Hungarian Venture Capital Portal and Logistics Portal. Our senior officers have extensive experience in the organisation and coordination of national and EU projects (e.g. IKTA, PHARE, Leonardo, and Gruntvig). As we develop training materials, we have experience in the method of e-learning and blended learning. This organisation will have a key role in the self-assessment activities concerning information technologies knowledge.

Polonia, si occupa di formazione, traduzioni e sviluppo di software del settore medico. I principali servizi offerti sono: installazione e assistenza per impianti medici, traduzione e verifica di testi e documentazione medici e tecnici, creazione di pagine web, partecipazione a progetti di e-learning.

Poland (PL) For Medicine Support, Education, Translations and Software Development. PRO-MED activities on the Polish and international markets can be dated since 1998. PRO-MED main services:
- Installation, repair and maintenance of medical equipment
- Translations and verifications of technical and medical literature and documentation
- Creation of WEB pages, adaptation and localization
- Taking part in e-learning projects together with DECTUG as a subcontractor
- Experiences in the following projects coordinated by DECTUG
- Phare (1998-2000), Leonardo da Vinci (1998-2005), Socrates (1998-2003)
- Translation and localization of Polish Language Pack for WebCT.
Pro-med main contribute to the project is represented by technical knowledge about E-learning.