Il nostro progetto č stato finanziato all'interno del programma Socrates-Grundtvig nell'ambito dell'attivitā Grundtvig 2: Partenariati per l'apprendimento ed č rivolto alla formazione a distanza degli adulti. Ha come obiettivo la realizzazione di uno scambio di buone prassi e di esperienze tra le organizzazioni della Learning Partnership.

I partner del progetto indivudueranno "esempi pratici" che rappresentino casi interessanti dell'utilizzo di E-learning e Blended learning quali strumenti per l'apprendimento e la formazione degli adulti.

Si approfondiranno temi come le piattaforme telematiche, l'apprendimento cooperativo, il mix tra apprendimento a distanza, tutoraggio e seminari, il mix tra l'apprendimento online, l'uso del Cd-Rom e del DvD, gli strumenti televisivi, i libri e i seminari, le opportunitā per personalizzare l'apprendimento, la certificazione dei risultati raggiunti, il blended learning per gli adulti ed il blended learning per soggetti svantaggiati.

The project is focused on Learning Distance for adult and it wants to realise an exchange of best practices and valid experiences about this topic among the member of the Learning Partnership.

En particular the project will select "practical example" that represent a good case about how E-learning and Blended Learning can be used as instruments to be involved in the adult education.

The maturity of E-learning and its diffusion need more and different answer able to adapt the technologies potential to the learning purposes.

E-learning brings up several problems already known by the learning world and the project offers the chance to find and to test new answers such as: Internet platforms; co-operative learning; the mix among distance learning, tutoring and workshops; the mix among online learning, the use of Cd-Rom and DVD, TV instruments, books and workshops; opportunities and options to customise learning process, the certification of results achieved, blended learning for adults, blended and distance learning for disadvantaged people.

The comparison with several experiment, different experiences and different typologies seems to be really important.

The project wants to select and put together the best has been done till now about E-learning and would like to realise a significant synthesis that could be reconsidered and extended in future projects through the network support.